About Us

EEI, a division of EquaGen, is an integrally structured firm offering dynamic range of services to its clients, primarily focused on structural inspection, design, and repairs of educational buildings, residential homes, healthcare facilities, and commercial plazas. The firm’s history in professional relationship with its clients has made itself more established to serve communities throughout North Carolina and Virginia.

Our practice, achieved through numerous research and innovation, are conducted by expertise on their own fields who hold years long experience and have sound knowledge on structural design and inspection. Company’s roster is composed of professional license holders such as structural engineers, designers, planners, inspectors, and several otherdisciplines.

We value our clients to full satisfaction on every project delivered and look forward to working with them again in future developments. Functioning as a minority-owned business in the region, we are cultivating a thriving work atmosphere, we endure to grow.


We stand in accomplishing projects that well explain its functional capabilities ensuring the best to its deliverables and achieve customer satisfaction goal. As we continue to grow, we are paving footprints on delivering quality and efficient projects to our clients. That being said, our vision lies in horizon of producing technical excellence and innovation to better serve communities with standards.

Our Core Values

Our core values represent what we stand for, what we expect from employees, what we deliver to our clients, and how we should conduct in our daily work. These values form our ‘moral compass’ and serve as ‘silent mentors’ to guide us in everything we do.

  • People
  • Partnership
  • Purpose
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Responsible


18 years of expertise in the field of structural design, inspection and restoration has led the firm take its innovative approach to combat challenges more effectively and provide concise solutions to client making their life much easier. Different professionals including but not limited to engineers, designers, inspectors, all under one roof working together in a team to perfectly foster a common understanding of deliverables to accomplish the goal has always been respected by valued clients.

Why Choose Us